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Breezy Bri-Breezy Strikes Again

Breezy Bri has a history of infractions; in fact, loss prevention officer Rusty is well aware of Breezy’s past transgressions. However, Breezy was caught shoplifting once more and shows no remorse at all for her actions. Perhaps it’s because she knows she can get away with it as much as she likes if she sucks Rusty’s cock and lets him play with her cute little body. As Breezy presses against Rusty’s dick, she recalls all the small things he enjoys. Rusty needs to put in a lot of effort to delay cumming. He wasn’t prepared for Breezy to show her true colors, but her dick-riding prowess has increased dramatically. Rusty gives Breezy a nice, hot load in the mouth when he does cum. She vows never to steal again, but Rusty knows this chick will be back.

Girls: Breezy Bri