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Melody Marks in School Project Thief

A naive schoolgirl named Melody Marks aspires to succeed and advance in life. She chooses to take a camera from the store when she needs one for a school project but doesn’t have enough money. However, as Melody is not good at stealing, loss prevention officials apprehend her before she can flee. She is currently anxious and concerned about how this may impact her long-term records and opportunities for career advancement as she sits in the back office. Melody assures Officer Jack that she is innocent when he confronts her. She’s never had a more thrilling sexual encounter, even though it’s incorrect. Now that Melody is so wet, his cock goes in easily when it’s time to fuck. Melody moans in pleasure as Jack fucks her on the desk. She pinches her tiny pink nipples and rubs her tits passionately all the while.

Girls: Melody Marks