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Aubry Babcock in The Concealed Flute

Aubry Babcock believes she can get away with her latest shenanigans by pretending to be a sweet, innocent girl, but Officer Rusty Nails isn’t easily duped by attractive young women. When a flute vanished from the store as the girl was looking through the musical instruments, it was clear that she had concealed it elsewhere. Rusty brings her back for questioning, but he has to give her a pat down because he feels she’s resisting. He touches Aubry’s lovely breasts again and descends to her private areas. Strangely enough, Aubry notices that she is clenching while she fingers him. Whoa! Deep within her was the musical instrument. Aubry attempts to act innocent again, but it doesn’t work—she’s been exposed! Now, she will have to show Rusty what else can fit inside her to go free.